This message is for me and everyone else that has something to be proud of today. I am so excited to see all my work coming together and really looking the way I want it to, down to the font which is my handwriting exactly how i envisioned.

My idea was that i wanted my website and all the content I create to look like its just random hyper realistic non existent things just floating around, I imagine this is what it looks like inside my head. Weird, colorful, magical, aesthetically pleasing, just beautiful chaos and darkness.

I am so tired of white, i needed the color and the fun and the whimsy back in my life. This is the first time i have actually created something that flows together so effortlessly that I’ve already created a full year’s worth of content.

I hope that those of you that do choose to follow along get to experience what my art is like when it’s for the love of it, not for money.